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Enjoy these unique Pub Quiz questions just about anywhere: at home, at a friends, at your favorite pub, anywhere friends gather! Answer correctly to win the card. The first to collect 5 cards wins the round!

The player rolls the dice to determine which category they will be quizzed on.

  1. Starts with "G": answers contain a word that starts with G
  2. Game People Play: answers are recreation or sports themed
  3. Since 1759: answers are about history since the start of Guinness
  4. Anything Flows: answers are about anything
  5. Pubular Culture: answers are about popular culture
  6. Players Choice: player chooses which category (1-5) to be quizzed on

Unique and unusual questions are sure to keep everyone intrigued.

Set contains 100 Pub Quiz Cards (with 500 questions and answers) and one die along with a set of instructions.

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