Offset Wishball - Large 6 Inch - Sea Green

Luke Adams Handblown GlassSKU: 210000077036

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Wish Balls are believed to offer protection from negative energy. Bad dreams get tangled in the colorful web and become trapped in the glass orb only to disappear with the first rays of morning light. Good dreams are able to pass through the strands and are guided down to the person below. The circle shape represents mother earth, symbolizing protection, health, love, good luck, and long friendships.

Offset Wishballs are made specifically with an 'un-round' shape with the inner piercings set off to the side.  In this format, they reflect light in different patterns as the viewing angle changes, and never seem to show the same look twice.

Everyone of these Wishballs is unique.  The color is the base color used, but we can almost guarantee the image you see is not the exact one you will receive.

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