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Bathtub Tunes for Kids is sung by Brent Holmes, Marty the Moose, Bernie the Bear and Wally the Walrus. It was produced by Emmy nominee Dave Hoffner and features some of the finest musicians in the world. Mark Casstevens plays guitar, Billy Huber plays horns, Richard Bennett plays guitar and ukulele, Jeff Taylor plays accordion, Dave Hoffner plays keyboards and Butch Baldassari plays mandolin. The songs range in style from jazz to bluegrass to folk. They're produced in such a way that adults can enjoy them as easily as children. The twelve songs on this CD were originally recorded on 'Moose Tunes for Kids', 'Bear Tunes for Kids', 'Horse Tunes for Kids', 'Cow Tunes for Kids' and 'Sea Tunes for Kids'. There are songs about cows, bears, horses, walrus, manatees and sea lions having fun in a bathtub, as well as several other songs. Parents' Choice described Brent Holmes' music as 'some of the prettiest and some of the silliest children's songs ever recorded'. You'll understand why once you listen to this CD. A great variety of instruments are featured on the various songs. In addition to the fine instrumentation, 'The Walrus Song' helps children learn to multiply two's, three's and fours. The CD is 40 minutes long. It was recorded in Franklin, Tennessee and was mastered by John Mayfield in one of the finest mastering studios in the country. The lyrics are included with the CD. This is the fourteenth CD for children released on the award winning Fun Tunes for Kids label.

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