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In blossoms, players compete to create the most beautiful flower bouquet. The longer the flowers, the higher they score! To set up, give each player two random face-down cards and three action tokens. Place the flower pots in the center of the playing area with space above them for the growing flowers. Place four different flower cards, one in each pot. Take one card from the draw pile and place it aside face-down. Players alternate taking turns, trying to make the most valuable combination of flowers possible. On their turn, a player can conduct any number of actions, which are: growth — draw one card from the deck and place it in any pot that has the same flower Type. Cut — Cut down one pot of flowers to score points; this ends your round. Special — use your action tokens to perform one extra action Depending on which pot you choose. A player’s turn ends when they decide to cut flowers or when they commit a Blooper. The game ends when the last card from the deck is drawn. Points are then scored by the size and diversity of sets you have planted. Whoever has the higher score wins!

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