Cannoli Cream Bear

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Meet Cannoli the cream colored plush Teddy Bear from Gund. This is one Cannoli you can't eat but he's just as sweet. Cannoli measures 16 cuddly inches from head to feet and is covered in long cream colored plush fur with dark brown fabric paw pads. He has quite the charming face with round plastic eyes and a stitched on brown nose and smile. He has plastic pellets in his bum which give him a little extra weight and help him to stay in an upright position so he can be used as decor and he comes wearing a sheer brown ribbon around his neck so he makes the perfect gift

  • 2014 Toby Industry Choice Award Teddy Bear and Friends Magazine
  • The Worlds Most Huggable Plush Since 1898
  • Specially design to withstand the love of a child
  • No bells, no whistles - just unconditional love
  • Surface washable

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