Celtic Silver Pearl Earrings

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These earrings create the graceful illusion of elongated, sterling silver Trinity knots grasping iridescent pearls. The combination of neutral colors and natural elements in the design brings a classy simplicity to these earrings, and the partnering of soft and sharp lines heightens their sophistication.

The Mystery of the Trinity knot

The Holy Trinity of the Christian faith has always presented a mystery: how can three individual beings merge to form a singular entity. This mystery is also what makes the Trinity so inspirational, as people can more easily see that a greater power may very well watch over them and guide them. The Celtic Trinity knot, originally a symbol of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, invites a person to think about the influence of 'three' in her life, as represented by the triad of intertwining loops. For the woman who dons these earrings, this number might point to a triple-tiered love for her partner, particularly if he is the one to give her the earrings as a gift.

Timeless Beauty

A bride would only intensify the elegance of her gown and the radiance of her excitement by wearing this set on her wedding day. The purity of the hues in these earrings would complement, but never compete, with her loveliness. For years afterward, this set would touch up any casual ensemble, from a white tee-shirt and dark wash jeans to a paisley sundress in blues and grays. Silver and pearl are utterly timeless in durability and beauty, and therefore make invaluable contributions to a woman's jewelry collection.

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