Celtic Stone Set Trinity Knot Necklace

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A solid statement piece with alluring appeal, the Celtic Stone Set Trinity Knot Pendant is the classic 'must have' piece of any jewelry collection, with its striking Trinity knot design, encrusted with dazzling cubic zirconia stones.
Trusted PromiseThough a symbol that dates back to the Ancient Celts, in contemporary times the Trinity knot is often found on engagement rings, wedding bands, and other statements of love. This is due to the fact that the three parts of the shape are said to represent the major aspects of relationship, including the promises made to Love, Honor, and Protect. However the symbol can hold different meaning for different individuals, and often stands for special people, things or other parts of life that are in groups of three.
Lovely GiftThe Celtic Stone Set Trinity Knot Pendant, with its classy styling and opportunity for a wide range of meaning, makes an excellent gift for any special person in your life, whether that may be a girlfriend, wife, or daughter. The symbol will be appreciated by those of Celtic descent, as well as those who understand the special meaning the design holds. 

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