Ejlif & Effi - Snowmen 2016

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  • Size: 5-7 cm.
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Imported from Denmark

Ejlif loves to have fun and play in the snow and he likes his hat a lot, it keeps his little ears warm in the cold frosty weather.

Effi is gentle and cute, she has a great love for fuzzy hats and loves to dress up.

” In my childhood I have made many snowmen. When the snow had fallen, I was always the first to grab my coat and rush outside to play in the snow. Already back then, I made snowmen with funny features and chubby cheeks. I looked for perfectly round rocks to use for eyes. Sometimes I made a whole family with Mom and Dad and their children. When the snow started to melt, It was sad to see them shrink and shrink until only the rocks and scarfs where left on the ground. But that is how it is with snowmen. Except for my snowmen. They will decorate your living space and the only thing that melts is your heart, when you take your time to look at these cute couples.” – Etly Klarborg

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