Fishing And Farting

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This game comes to us from right here in Shelburne!!

How it works......The first player to get 7 fish wins!

To start, deal all players 5 cards and place remaining cards face down in the middle of the table to create the fishing hole. Players turn all fish face up and hold remaining cards in hand.

On a turn, players can either.........

1. Fish (draw a card from the fishing hole) or......

2. Fart (knock out other players with an odoriferous cloud and steal their fish).

  • First you can use a pair of food cards.
  • The second way, is to use fart cards.
  • Don't be afraid, there are ways to defend yourself from the dreaded gas attacks.
  • It's best to fish as long as you can before attacking. (Don't wait too long though) The more cards you hold the more power you have to attack and defend.

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