GE Constant On 600 Count White Icicle Style LIghts

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GE ConstantON 600-count (2 strands of 300 lights each) clear icicle set with 3-in lead wire, 54 strands, 2.7-in lamp spacing, 3-in end connector, 13.2-ft lighted length, 13.7-ft total set length, white cord set with fused plug. ConstantOn lights continue to operate even when a bulb is burned out or loose. Can connect up to 3 sets.

  • GE ConstantON clear mini Christmas icicle lights

  • ConstantON lights continue to operate even when a bulb is burned out or loose

  • White cord with 13.2-ft lighted length blends in with your holiday decor while illuminating your indoor or outdoor space

  • Can connect up to 3 sets

  • Replacements bulbs and fuses included, so you won't worry if a light burns out

  • 2-year limited warranty gives you peace of mind

  • 600-count icicle set consists of 2 300-count strands

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