Habersham Personal Space Wax Pottery Vessel- Lilac Blossom

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Habersham Personal Space Wax Pottery Bowl in Lilac Blossom - Fragrance Notes: Heady lilac blossoms blend with a touch of spice & leafy green note.

Each wax bowl is individually handcrafted in America out of scented wax and beautiful potpourri with natural essence from flora and fauna. They are designed to release the fragrance of a candle without the need of an open flame! Because all wax pottery vessels are completely made by hand from start to finish, they vary in look every single time.

  • Heady fragrance of Lilac blooms With a touch of spicy and hint of leafy green

  • Home Fragrance Without A Flame

  • Gift Boxed 5.5 inch Diameter Fragranced Wax Vessel

  • Stand Not Included

  • Diameter: 5.5"

  • Made in the USA

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