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Jane Wooster Scott was raised in Eastern Pennsylvania, growing up between picturesque Bucks County and the surrounding Dutch communities. Her earliest recollections go back to the section of that country which, even in the 1940s retained glimmerings of the era in which she paints. For 15 years, her paintings have summoned memories of a national heritage-the tradition, holidays, and customs of an innocent and energetic young America. When asked why a modern woman living in Los Angeles would devote her career to a bygone era, Jane Wooster Scott says it is her deep love for Americana. Today, she travels throughout New England seeking inspiration for the pastoral vistas and old buildings Considered among the finest painters of Americana, She is renowned worldwide. Most of her art traverses the experience of the United States and the American culture in which she was raised.

  • Piece Count: 550
  • Puzzle Size: 24 x 18
  • Ages 12+
  • Unique Hand-Crafted Diecut resulting in many random shaped pieces for your puzzle enjoyment!
  • Includes Bonus Poster Puzzle (so you don't have to fight over the box cover)

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