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Magic Power 3-Aaa Adapter
Raz Imports

Magic Power 3-Aaa Adapter

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4.5 volt - Equivalent To 3 AAA Batteries | Raz Imports Electric Adapter REQUIRED Raz Imports Magic Power - 6-Pigtail Power System Power 3416168 or RAZ Imports Magic Power 3 Pigtail Power System which is SOLD separately. US Patents Pending. Use this system to turn battery operated items into a plug-in electrical unit. Save money by never having to use batteries again!

Used with Raz Imports Magic Power System  6-Pigtail Power System or3 Pigtail Power System. Will not work without power system  Sold separately

4.5 volt - Equivalent To 3 AAA Batteries

Black Wiring. Plastic construction

Converts battery operated items into electric charge. Cost effective alternative

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