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Look out! you're being nibbled by some friendly little fish. Nibbled is a fast-paced, easy-to-learn game that starts with kids clipping 4 plastic fish onto themselves. Guess a color flip a card. Guess correctly ?? Unclip one fish and clip it onto an opponent. The winner is the first player to Unclip all their fish. You start with little plastic fish clipped onto you. On your turn, guess the color of the fish on the card and flip the card to see if you're right. If you guess correctly, you can Unclip one (or more) of your fish and clip it to any other player. Most of the 52 cards have pictures of one, two, or three fish. Some cards have all fish of the same color and some have two or more fish of different colors. This is important in gameplay as you are trying to guess a color on the card. In addition, there are 5 Frenzy cards, which are special. Frenzy cards let all players in on the action at the same time. Players always remove the same number of fish shown on the card as the correct color guessed. The first fish-free player wins the game! the nibbled game helps young children with color recognition, counting, and basic math skills. No reading required! 2-4 players, for ages 4+

Quick playing: " nibbled" is a fun, quick-playing, and easy-to-learn action card game, that helps young children with color recognition, counting and basic math skills. No reading required!

Let's play: each player clips 4 plastic fish on themselves. Draw a card, guess the color of the fish on the card, flip to see if you're right. If yes, unclip a fish and place it on any opponent!

The object of the game: be the first player to be " fish-free" (get rid of all your fish) and win the game.

Everyone gets in the action: the nibbled game includes 5 special " Frenzy" cards. Flip a " Frenzy" card, yell " Frenzy" and every other player removes one fish and clips it onto another player!

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