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Have you ever taken a moment to consider how what you eat reflects all the subtle nuances of your life? How both your tastes and your circumstances change over time?

In many ways, our daily meals are records of our growth and progress: they fuel our ambitions, complement our special moments, and soften our rough patches. Family meals, celebratory occasions, new adventures, date nights, exciting travels, holiday feasts, quick bites, new diets—Nourishmentprovides a framework for you to capture these moments by tracking your eating habits every day for five years. As you return to your entries year after year, you’ll be reminded of how your life has changed the way you eat—or perhaps the other way around.

Between Instagram, Facebook, and the proliferation of food blogs, it’s no secret that we enjoy memorializing meals and sharing our experiences with others. After all, food has always played a crucial role in human evolution, helping shape and define everything from individual preferences to familial bonds to entire cultures.

But sometimes you don’t want to share every little bite with the world. Think of Nourishment as a handwritten counterpart to life lived online. This journal helps you create a unique record of your eating experiences that goes beyond physical nutrition and wellness to reveal something deeper about how daily food choices impact life away from the table.

Thoughtfully designed with elegant details, Nourishment is the perfect gift for introspective foodies.

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