Silver Celtic Stone Set Trinity Bracelet

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Real sterling silver has a glow to it that nothing else quite matches. That is why, for thousands of years, people have valued their silver jewelry. This bracelet is an open work design, light and airy, like lace. Five tiny vesica pices are linked together with five clear green heart shaped cubic zirconia settings. Within each vesica pices is a double trinity knot. Altogether, it forms a beautiful lacework pattern around your wrist.


The trinity knot celebrates the feminine. Whether you see it as symbolizing the phases of the moon, or the union of parents and children, or the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, or even those elements that are most meaningful to you in your life, this bracelet is a beautiful way to honor them.

For the Wearer

Shanore means quality and tradition. When you wear a piece of jewelry by Shanore, you know that you are wearing something that your daughters and granddaughters will also value. The trinity knots, combined with the heart shaped cubic zirconia, are a graceful way to remind the one who wears it to be in tune with the cycles of life and to keep those things green in her heart that she most values.

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