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Ireland is a land of mystique and mystery. From the rumors of magic leprechauns to legends of secret and deep waters, the land is a place of ever-growing wonder. That curious excitement can often be found in another place: inside a special locket. This sterling silver locket is embroidered with Celtic knotwork and features the familiar symbol of the Trinity knot.A Place of Threes.  There is hardly a place in world that celebrates the number three more than Ireland. The Claddagh symbol is made up of three meanings, the nation famously celebrates the Christian Trinity- and the Trinity knot is an image made up of three soft ovals interlocking and flowing into one another. It celebrates equality and balance in one's life. In a locket, it reminds the wearer that though life is full of excitement and confusion, it can almost always be held within the clasp of control. All Age FunLockets are traditionally the jewelry of children. It's a piece offered at an early age that one can look fondly back on later in life. The deep and intriguing stories that float in and around the Irish contain the type of magic a locket can hold for a child. Offer this stunning sterling silver locket to any young soul for a pinch of fun, but remember it can be enjoyed by the dreaming hearts of adults as well.

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