Stone Set Silver Angel Necklace

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This radiant pendant necklace exhibits a gleaming angel design cleverly formed from traditional Celtic knot work patterns. The entire design is crafted in a brilliant sterling silver, from the angelic centerpiece to the ring attacher and the necklace chain. The necklace has been studded with CZ's along the wings of the angel as well as the halo.The Work of AngelsThe early Celts were masterful in crafting of their knot work patterns.They left an enduring legacy of hypnotic knots, spirals, and maze like patterns, drawn with impeccable dexterity. They did not, however, leave a manual, so to speak, explaining the particular meanings behind these works of art, it is therefore up to their descendants to interpret these symbols.Unyielding FaithThe Celts held strong Christian beliefs. The Celts would practice various rituals to ensure their faith. Of these were acts of pilgrimage to holy sites such as hills and sacred wells that are believed to have curative properties. To this day, it is still traditional to hold these religious beliefs and rejoice in worship, which this angel pendant is an excellent display of.

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