Tipsy - Strategic and Challenging 3D Gravity Game

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STRATEGY GAME FOR 2 PLAYERS: Sharpen your strategic thinking skills with Tipsy As players take turns tipping the game board, they’ll be trying to get their 6 colored pucks out one of the 4 exits, putting them back pattern-side-up in an offensive or defensive position

  • CHALLENGING 3D GAME: As players roll the die and lift and tip the game board, they’ll have flat-out-fun Tip carefully: if you exit an opponent’s puck, they’ll put it back on the game board pattern-side-up Get all your pucks or the black puck out to win
  • STORAGE BASE: Store all of the Tipsy game pieces inside the wooden base Simply lift the plastic game tray off and pack everything inside for compact storage.
  • Tipsy is the 3D strategic tipping game for ages 8 and up. Requires 2 players. Become a puck-sliding, gravity-strategy master with Tipsy

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