Willie The Moose Who Saved Christmas

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What would happen if santa had an accident on Christmas Eve and his reindeer could no longer fly? 

This amusing children's ballad written in a Dr. Suess-like style tells the story of a new Christmas miracle and a new Rudolf!

These are autographed copies. Michael MacCurtain was kind enough to sign these books when he delivered them

About the Author: 

The author, Michael MacCurtain, is a teacher in the Brockton Mass. school system. He has been delighting his classes for years with his personal reading of Willie The Moose Who Saved Christmas, a ballad he originaly wrote as a gift for a sixth grade writing class in the Natick, Mass. school system where he was teaching at the time.

Mr. MacCrtain makes his home in Whitman, Mass. He is the father of four with two stepdaughters of Liam, who delights in reading Willie The Moose" with his "Poppa".

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