Would You Rather. . .: An Interactive Devotional Journal and Sketchbook for Adventurous Kids!

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The Would You Rather. . . interactive devotional journal and sketchbook brings the Bible to life for the adventurous kids in your life, ages 8 and up. With page after entertaining page of Bible story-based devotions and "Would You Rather. . ." journal prompts and sketch pages, kids will be prompted to dig deep into their Bibles as they learn about some of the weird, gross, and unbelievable stories found in God's Word.

  • Interactive: Keep your kid entertained and inspired through this mix of God's Word and a wacky "would you rather" game! Perfect for kids 8 years old and up
  • Devotional Stories: Each "would you rather" choice comes with it's own devotional story from the Bible that shares the wacky and weird truth behind these crazy choices!
  • Journal and Sketch: Each prompt comes with a journal and sketch page to both encourage Biblical understanding and playful creativity.
  • Fun Artwork: Fun and beautiful artwork throughout the book to show kids just how weird and awesome these Bible stories are!

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