You Know You're a Rebublican - Democrat If....

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This updated, third edition laugh-out-loud take on partisan stereotypes skewers both sides of the political aisle with equal glee. The follies and foibles that make the political world spin will trigger guffaws and giggles-no matter which party you call your own.

You Know You're a REPUBLICAN If...
• You think Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh are intellectual powerhouses, and you've learned much from their wisdom.
• You philosophically oppose government welfare plans, but you cash your Social Security checks religiously.
• You've accepted that global warming is real, but you don't believe we should recklessly raise taxes to fix it. You have, however, invested in future beachfront property-twenty miles inland.

You Know You're a DEMOCRAT If...
• Everything you know about politics you learned from Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.
• You're philosophically appalled by corporate America's emphasis on profits, but you sure were ticked off when your retirement investments tanked.
• For a long time now you've known that: The sky is falling! The sky is falling! No, wait. The sky is cooking! The sky is cooking!

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