Annual Elf Couple 2023 - Cirkeline And Sylvester

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This year's annual couple sit and enjoy themselves, and Cirkeline reads aloud to Sylvester, who sits with his duvet and snuggles. Cirkeline reads so lively and imaginatively and she uses her whole body to tell stories. Sylvester thinks it's wildly exciting, but he also struggles with his heavy eyes, which will probably fall in at the end.

Cirkeline is a sweet and loving elf, with the most beautiful curls hidden under her hat. She loves to read Christmas stories in late at night. She turns on the Christmas lights and gets out some sweets, and immediately all the elves and little creatures swarm out to have a good time.

Sylvester is a lively and happy little powder puff. He loves to help in the woods, so he is exhausted by the evening. He is laidback and loves to sit with a warm blanket, treats in hand, and hear Christmas stories.

Height: 5,3"

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