White Swarovski Crystal Shamrock Stud Earrings

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Bring a touch of whimsy to your day with a pair of charming shamrock stud earrings formed out of shining sterling silver and adorned with bright crystals.

Emerald Isle

The shamrock though small in size compels the mind and transports the spirt to the luscious landscape of the Emerald Isle. It is easy to dream of the green covered hills and rugged coastlines when wearing a shamrock which allows the mind to wander and to take a brief vacation from a hectic day. The shamrock serves as a symbol of a great country with warm and wonderful people and even brings a bit of luck along with it. The three leaves serve as an example of the Holy Trinity in the Christian faith as well.


The luminous white crystals transform the shamrocks into a pair of earrings that are fit for any occasion whether it is a business dinner or relaxing at home. Wear them to work with your favorite cardigan and be swept away as you relive (or dream of) time spent in the unmatchable Emerald Isle.

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