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DISNEY PRINCESS HEDBANZ is the royal version of the classic guessing game ÒWho Am I?` Four exclusive Disney Princess-themed headbands let you play as Jasmine, Ariel, King Triton, or Rapunzel as you try to guess the Disney Character Card on your head. Place the card in your headband without looking, and then ask ÒYes` or ÒNo` questions to figure out who you are. ÒAm I a villain?` ÒAm I a sidekick?` Everyone knows but you! Correctly guess the character before the sand timer expires, and earn a Gem to wear on your headband. First player to earn 3 Gems wins! DISNEY PRINCESS HEDBANZ is great for parties, sleepovers, or any time you want to feel like royalty

  • Disney Princess Guessing Game: This latest edition of the board game comes with a royal twist where everybody knows but you, choose from Jasmine, Ariel, Triton and Rapunzel for a head to head race to guess three cards
  • Fun and East Gameplay: Pick your favorite Disney inspired headband, then take a character card without looking at the picture, then ask yes or no questions to which Disney character is on your card.
  • Develops your child's reasoning skills: As kids ask questions to find out which Disney character they are, they`ll put their deductive reasoning skills to work
  • Quick Start, fun and engaging: Just take the game out of the box, read the easy-to-follow instructions and you're off! Recommended for 2-4 players, ages 6 and up, perfect for kids or family game night

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