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A Special Place For Santa Book, A legend for our time by Jeanne Pieper

Summary: A brief history of legends surrounding St Nicholas, leading to his modern counterpart, Santa Claus. who pays tribute to the birth of Christ on Christmas.

Introduction done by Pat Boone:

"As a parent of four lovely daughters, and now a grandfather to fourteen energetic and wide-eyed grandkids, I really appreciate the message conveyed by this book.

Like you, perhaps, I've been concerned through the years with the necessity to reconcile the two major symbols of Christmas - Jesus and Santa Claus - in the thinking of my children.

How Could That Be Done?

Children of all ages - and of all religions, or none at all - get excited about the jolly white haired gent in the red suit and black boots, because he's bringing them presents! And most of those same children have been taught by their parents and grandparents to revere the babe of Bethlehem whose birthday is celebrated on Christmas day. How can these two beloved personages be fitted together - and should they be?

When I first say a Kneeling Santa figurine it struck such a responsive chord in me that I wrote a song called "I Saw Santa Praying" In that song- inspired by the book, "Santa and the Christ Child, " previously published by Ray Gauer's Kneeling Santa company - the dilemma is resolved. Santa Claus and Jesus of Bethlehem do belong together. 

This narrative further strengthens that relationship by blending imagination and historical facts in a delightful way that brings Santa Claus- St Nicholas - to his knees before the living Jesus.

May it help us all more fully appreciate the glorious fact that Christmas is the birthday of the Lord!"

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