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Clarendon Games' Merriment Mixture is the ultimate boredom killer. Take turns to name items in a given category against the clock. Be warned - take too long or repeat an item and you're out. Last player standing wins the card!

How many Songs by The Beatles can you name when put on the spot? It's a lot harder than it sounds. Eleanor Rigby, Love Me Do, Back In The USSR,... something about a Yellow Submarine? I don't know!

What about Words that End in '-sh'? Think fast! Fish, lash, crash, push,... is bosh a word? As in, 'bish, bash, bosh'? No?!

Can you handle yourself under pressure? Can you remember what has been said before? Keep your wits about you!

The Important Bits

  • 80 cards

  • 160 categories

  • 2+ players

  • Ages 10+

  • 20 minutes to play

  • 2 minutes to learn

  • First to three cards is the winner

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