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EZ2C Playing Cards make it easy for you to play your favorite card games without having to strain your eyes or drain your brain.

You quickly notice the numbers because of the clear, clean fonts. You can read the numbers without those pesky reading glasses, and the design is really cool instead of the usual "blow up" of the old-school cruddy design. 

And, it's easy to spot the suits because of the distinct color differences. No more double or triple checking your cards to recall whether that one card was hearts or diamonds, or that other one was clubs or spades. Every suit has its own super-classy color––they're not kiddy-like.

Even though EZ2C Playing Cards are easy on your eyes, they are NOT your great-grandparents' fuddy-duddy cards––they're cool and classy, like you.


  • 52 high-quality poker-sized playing cards + 2 jokers
  • Sleek, refined design with easy-to-see numbers
  • Easy to discern and recall distinctly designed suits
  • Bright white with fine linen air-cushion finish
  • Thick 300gsm cards with dense black core

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