Filucca and Tristan with Sleigh

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Inside this box you will find the newest addition to your family. Hand moulded and painted by Etly Klarborg, these designs is the essence of the Danish Christmas, fully capturing the notions of the Danish "Hygge"/ cosyness. In the words of Etly Klarborg, "Hygge" can best be explained by memorizing the scent of Christmas cookies in the oven, the Christmas lights on the tree and the joy of being with family. Since 1986 more than 300 different pixies have seen the light of day, each made with love and by the hands of Etly Klarborg.

Filucca is very active and a ball of energy. Speeding down a hill on her sleigh is just what she needs.

Tristan shares Filuccas love for speed, and despite his honest attempt to steer their sleigh, sometimes you’ll see him crawling out of a large pile of snow.

Height: 9cm.

  • Imported from Denmark

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