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Fir Balsam Stick - 72 Logs
Fir Balsam Stick - 72 Logs

Fir Balsam Stick - 72 Logs

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72 logs of Paine's Fir Balsam wood incense. Bring home the old fashioned Winter Fragrance.

Made in Maine since 1931, Paine's Balsam Fir Incense smells like the holidays—and for good reason. The company collects balsam branches from local woodsmen, then grinds, dries, and shapes those into sticks and cones that'll fill your home with the scent of evergreens, whether you have a real Christmas tree or not.

Paine's incense is made in Auburn, Maine.

First, balsam branches are brought to us by local woodsmen, where they are then ground and dried. It is next pressed into incense molds and finally dried… That’s it! No chemicals are added to our incense, and is 100% natural and sustainable!

  • 3/8 inch base
  • 1 1/8 inch tall

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