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You get three words. Choose them wisely. Head Hackers is a very simple party game. Everyone splits into teams of two (or more if you like). One team goes first and they split into The Guesser and The Writer. The Writer puts on the tinfoil hat, in order to deflect the other teams from reading their thoughts, and The Guesser closes their eyes. Now a Secret Word is revealed which everyone can see, except The Guesser. The Guesser now opens their eyes and the game begins. The Writer must write down three helpful Clue Words that they think will lead The Guesser to the correct Secret Word, but which are obscure enough that won’t be ‘hacked’ by the others. Now the other teams try to infiltrate the mind of The Writer and second-guess which Clue Words they have written down, by writing down three words of their own. The Guesser now declares what they think the Secret Word is.

  • Simple party game that has fun, unique, and engaging game play that's fun for everyone
  • Gain points for correct guesses and move to your home square for the win
  • Recommended for 4-12 players, ages 10 and up

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