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This year's nisserikker are looking forward to spreading cozy Christmas joy in all homes, where they can celebrate the holiday with all the other elfs in the klarborg elf family. They both sit in their bags and have a great time.

Klarborg's Nisserikker is designed as a decoration for your Christmas tree. 

To me, Christmas decorations should be something special, perhaps something that becomes a tradition. I have Christmas decorations given to me from my mother and grandmother, and those items have decorated my Christmas tree since 1980 and will continue to do so for the rest of my life. When my boys move out and get their own Christmas tree, they will receive Christmas tree decorations that belonged to their grandmother and their great grandmother and of course some from me. It is my hope that this will continue for many generations to come. It gives you a warm feeling inside when you look at the tree and think “this glass bead belonged to grandmother, and there hangs the cornet that mother handmade”. I would like to pass on this tradition to other families, with these small, sweet and funny pendants. Also, I have to remember to tell you, that in our home, it is a tradition that the elf decorates our Christmas tree at night.

Height: 2" - 2,8"

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