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Klarborg Pixies Pit & Tut

Klarborg Pixies Pit & Tut

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The Klarborg Christmas elf collection, designed and made in Denmark. In Denmark, elves (also called nisse) are associated with "hygge", or "coziness" and help to create a feeling of warmth and togetherness. Make the Klarborg elves a part of your table setting or holiday display, or place them somewhere unexpected to surprise and delight guests! Klarborg elves are quintessentially Danish and will bring seasonal cheer to your home or when given as gifts.

Pit is a little rascal. He smiles when he finds an apple tree and before you know it know, he has climbed to the top, and is gently shaking the red apples free.

Tut is the cutest little Elf. Shehelps Pit gather the apples and uses them to make her special apple pie with whipped cream.

Please note: Sticks for decoration included – 3 inches long.

  • Imported from Denmark

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