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Martin - 2016 Anniversary

The Klarborg Christmas elf collection, designed and made in Denmark. In Denmark, elves (also called nisse) are associated with " hygge" , or " coziness" and help to create a feeling of warmth and togetherness. Make the Klarborg elves a part of your table setting or holiday display, or place them somewhere unexpected to surprise and delight guests! Klarborg elves are quintessentially Danish and will bring seasonal cheer to your home or when given as gifts. Start a new tradition!

The original Martin was designed more than 30 years ago, so for the anniversary, Etly re-designed Martin and given him a big heart in his arms. Symbolizing a person with the heart in the right place, and letting it guide one through life. Etly Klarborg wanted to be an artist ever since she was young, and she has designed, modelled and painted Elfs and Trolls and other mythical beings her entire life. She followed her heart every time she found herself at a cross road, and today she is glad she did.

Martin is fun and kind to be around, and what he does not get done today, he will easily find time for tomorrow.

  • Imported from Denmark

Etly Klarborg has been designing her Elfs for more than 30 years and from 2016 they will all bear the original family name – Klarborg. Etly Klarborg opened her first shop in 1986, the same year she gave birth to her first son Martin. Shortly after she made the Martin Elf, and the first Elf with a name and personality was born. And since then many Elfs named after friends and family has followed. Etly Klarborg tells the story: “ The first Elf to be named was Martin, named after my oldest Son. The idea came to me one evening where Martin had just been tugged in but tumbled around so that his small shirt crawled up over his small tummy. And right in that  moment I imagined him as an Elf, and surely I had to make it and had to name it Martin. That is how it started, and how I become known for my Elfs with small tummies, round cheeks and childlike innocence over them, each designed with a real person in mind and named after this person.”

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