Mole Hollow Taper Pair (Yellow Gold) - 8 Inch

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Carefully selected materials make up these taper candles - matching the consistency of each wax to varying configurations of 100% cotton wick - for optimal performance. This harmony creates our beloved dry cup burn. Each standard-size taper candle is dripless and smokeless when burned under normal conditions.

  • Solid color throughout
  • Burn time (approximately):
    • 6 Inch:  4.5 Hours
    • 8 Inch:  6.5 Hours
    • 10 Inch:  8 Hours
    • 12 Inch:  9.5 Hours
  • Made in New England
  • 7/8 inch diameter tapers should fit any standard-sized candleholder

These dripless taper candles make perfect dinner candles, wedding candles, or candles for everyday use.

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