Nature's Poetry Fairy Ornament - White Floral Medium

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Introduction: January 2012

Nature's Fairies are artfully assembled using all natural materials such as banana leaf corn husk ficus leaves pinecone chips and other natural elements to create unique ornaments.

  • Materials Lemon Grass (Cymbopogon Spreng), Ficus Leaves (Ficus religiosa Linn), Pine needles (Baguio pine), Driftwood, Glitter, Screwpine Pod (Pandanus tecorius), Bitaog Pod (Calophyllum blancoi), Fishtail Palm Leaves (Caryota mitis lour), Butterfly Tree Leaves (Bauhinia monarda kurz), Betel Nut Husk, Oak Leaf Fern (Drynaria qurcifolia ephiphyte), Plastic Beads, Oliba Seed Pod (aka Sago Palm, Cycas revoluta), Lpil pod (leadtree, Leucaena glauca linn), Pinecone chips (Baguio Pine, Pinus insularis endl, Corn Husk, dried (Zea mays)

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