North Pole Snow Inspector Station

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Taking off for a 24 hour trip on Christmas Eve requires a team of planners and weather trackers. That team is stationed at the North pole in a clever building reminiscent of a Mountain snow cat. Testing, analytics and Forecasting are conducted by Santa's elves at the North pole snow Inspector St at I on for weeks leading up to the big flight. Check the details: stairs climb up to the 2nd story where large windshield style windows allow a perfect vantage point for observation, while the roof top Tower allows a 360 view of the whole area. Elements of Tractor treads and wheels are sculpted into the design of the building. Scout the dog has a house at the side of the building, he is especially trained to identify areas of dangerous snow for Santa's elves.

Coordinates with perfect snow for Christmas eve: 

Replacement Bulb: 56.99244

Replacement cord: 56.99028

Electrical: standard cord and Bulb

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