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Rant - The perfect game for your party. The game for people who love a controversy topic! Do you have strong opinions about stuff? Then RANT is perfect for you! Players must, rant, for 60 seconds about a topic that may be controversial. Maybe it's pineapple is the best pizza topping or Bigfoot exists. Players must defend the position as if it's their own. The catch is, if the one ranting stumbles, pauses too long, or repeats themselves, the other players buzz in and a rotating judge passes judgment. The player speaking at the end of 1 minute gets the card and the point! 

  • READY, SET, RANT! All you have to do is rant for 60 seconds about the topic on the card. Just don't stumble, repeat yourself, or hesitate.
  • DING THE OTHER PLAYERS The goal is to be the one talking when the timer runs out. So if someone else is talking, ring the bell if they hesitate, stumble, or repeat and take over with that much time left. Just don't do it yourself!

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