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Introducing Scritterz, jungle creatures that have hitchhiked their way to the city! These interactive pets love to hang around and respond to touch, sounds and each other! Each Scritterz has a unique and colorful style with tufts of hair and they’re as wild as they look! Their quirky and humorous personalities come to life through their sounds and movements. With sensors on their heads or bellies, give your new friend a scratch on the head or tickle them to make them twitch and grumble. Scritterz love the attention and will respond to your touch in funny, unexpected ways! Clap, whistle or use other noises to excite your Scritterz and discover their party animal attitude! Put a few Scritterz together, and there’s no telling what antics these jungle creatures will get up to! They’ll excitedly interact with each other as they chatter and move.

With the free app (compatible with iOS and Android devices), there’s even more fun ways to play with your Scritterz! Wonder what they’re really saying? Find out with the translator! Keep your wild pal entertained with in-app videos and they’ll really laugh at the funny parts! Scritterz have special gripper feet, making it easy to clip them onto almost any surface, including your finger, backpack, clothing, computer and more. They’re the perfect size to take with you on the go – they’re portable party animals! 

• Includes: 1 Scritterz, 1 Instruction Guide

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