Ski Lift Basic - Black/Red

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The classic chairlift set, is a 1:32 scale replica a Chairlift Station. The base station houses the mechanics to drive the chairlift and can be attached directly to any shelf or bench with the clamps provided or screwed into place. The top turn around station comes with a clamp, that can be rotated to allow for simple secure assembly to any shelf.

The chairlifts (not included) are simple to install, and this model can be used indoors and outdoors. The chairlift is powered by either 4 x 1.5V AA batteries or the DC power supply with an adaptor (6V 300mA). Neither the batteries nor the adaptor is included in the kits and must be purchased separately.

These sets are compatible with the extensive range of 1:32 scale products and accessories including chairs and adjustable towers.  You can also add some skiers or snowboarders to sit on the chairs.  If you are looking to extend your chairlift, no problem, extra rope and connectors are available.

The Ski Lift Basic is not recommended for the Gondolas, only chair lifts.

Ski Lift Basic - Black/Red (Color/Style)

The cable way consists of:
1x motor station
1x turn around station
1x 8 M - 26.2 FT cable
1x cable connector
Without cabins/seats

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