Snowmen 2023 - Thamias And Tida

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Etly Klarborg's little darling snowmen can melt everyone's hearts with their cute faces and warm smiles. They are cold on the outside but warm on the inside. This year's edition is made from inspiration from Etly's grandson Huxi. He could not pronounce his uncle Mathias' name when he was little. Huxi called him "Thamias" instead, Etly thought it would be a great name for one of her new snowmen, so she used it for this year's snowmen boy

Tida is sweet and helpful. She loves to sit in the moonlight and listen to Christmas songs. She sings along and claps her little frosty hands.

Thamias is a goofball who loves having fun and playing in the snow. When all his snow friends are together, he likes to play a tune on his little drum. When he warms up, the joy shines out of his face.

Height: 2"

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