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In this charming scene, a family is hard at work, busily stacking firewood to bring warmth to their cozy winter abode. Against a snowy backdrop, they are wrapped up in winter gear, making this everyday chore look endearing and festive.

The parent, dressed in a sturdy green jacket, beige pants, and a snug gray beanie, stands with a confident grin, clearly an expert in the art of firewood preparation. They cradle a hefty log, their black gloves expertly keeping the chill at bay. Nearby is a tree stump with an axe embedded in it, a testament to the labor that has just been completed.

Beside the parent is a child who’s every bit as enthusiastic about the task at hand. Donning a red jacket, light blue pants, and a spirited blue knit hat, the child wraps their fingers around a stack of logs. Their bright yellow scarf and matching gloves add a splash of sunshine to the snowy scene.

On the left, a neatly arranged pile of firewood already stands ready for use, a mark of their teamwork and dedication. In the foreground, more logs lie in a scattered array, awaiting their turn to join the stack.

This whimsical tableau captures a tender moment of family togetherness and the simple joys of preparing for the cool winter nights

Polyresin figurine
Set of 2
Remarks: Height of the tallest piece shown
Approx. size: ( H x W x D )
2.87 x 2.8 x 1.5 inches
7.3 x 7.1 x 3.8 cm

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