The Magical Tale Of Easter Bunny Dust - An Easter Tradition [Hardcover]

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The Magical Tale of Easter Bunny Dust - An Easter Tradition

Every child wonders? How will the Easter bunny find me? How will he know where I live? The Magical Tale of Easter Bunny Dust - An Easter Tradition follows in the tradition that Patricia began with her award winning children's Christmas book; The Magical Tale of Santa Dust - A Christmas Tradition. Two small children, on a treasure hunt in the woods, come upon a yellow pouch and the most beautiful Easter egg they have ever seen. Sensing it's magic, they decide to make one wish - to see the Easter bunny. On their way home the magical egg develops a crack which spills magical Easter bunny Dust that leads the Easter bunny to their door and to their sight. Each gift set is sold with one pouch of magical Easter Bunny Dust.

By Patricia Cardello

Illustrated by Manuela Soriani

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