The Woodsman's Hammer Stool Softener (Novelty Joke)

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From the long gone days of Dr Daniels Snake Oil, Castor Oil, Leaches, and Electrocution therapy comes a replica of the Woodsman's Stool Softener.

External Use Only

Use of Gloves is recommended

Extended use may cause fatigue, dizziness, and watering of the eyes

  • Novelty Gift (no real medical use)
  • "Dr. Alexander's patented hammer stool Softener relieves bilious and nervous disorders such as wind and fullness in the stomach, giddiness, and frightful dreams"
  • "Used as directed, it restores on to complete health, while working wonders on the vital organs"
  • Approx 7" long, made of real Vermont Wood
  • Accept no Substitues!

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