To my Amazing, Remarkable Son

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Tri fold 5" x 7" Card with a matte finish.  There is ample room for a personalized message within the card.

Includes Card and matching Envelope

Front: To My Amazing Remarkable Son  I hope you'll always remember these wishes for you...

Inside Message:  Everywhere you go in life, my love will be by your side.  And these wishes will be to: I hope that the world will treat you fairly.  That people will appreciate the one-in-a-million person you are.  That you will be safe and smart and sure to make good choices on your journey through life.  That a wealth of opportunities will come your way.  That your blessings will be many, your troubles will be few, and that life will be very generous in giving you all the happiness and success you deserve.  You are the joy of my life and the best present life could ever give to anyone. I hope you'll remember that, even after this card is read and set aside. I'll always love you, Son with all my heart And I couldn't be more proud of you...if I tried

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