Witty, Wacky Wildlife DVD

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Live Footage - Fun Songs and Silly Jokes with live video of moose and bears and other wild animals while listening to your favorite songs from the Moose Tunes and Bear Tunes for Kids CDs! All of the music on this DVD was produced by Emmy nominee Dave Hoffner. Children will also learn over 120 fun facts about moose and bears as they watch this DVD! In addition to the cute songs, the great video and the fun facts, there are over sixty of the silliest wildlife jokes you ll ever hear! Song Titles: 1. Hey, mister moose, 2. Backpack tree, 3. A moose in a treehouse, 4. The peanut butter bears, 5. There s a chocolate moose on the loose, 6. My paw s bigger than your paw, 7. I m a moose and I love my lips, 8. There ain t no bugs on me, 9. Moose tracks, 10. I ve been diggin out my bear den, 11. I m a moose with a cowlick, and 12. I can t wait to hibernate

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