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Introducing Would You Rather? The Game! From Spin Master Games, this adult card game is for 3-6 players, ages 14 and up. Players are forced to make tough decisions between two equally terrible OR equally fabulous options. The real fun comes in trying to guess what the other player’s dealbreakers are! With 500 questions that span 5 categories from Epic, XOXO, Cursed, to Go Deep, and 150 custom-illustrated Visual Dilemmas, expect answers to delight, surprise, or even reveal opinions so wrong they’ll have you reconsidering your closest relationships. CURSED is all about deciding between two deeply awful or awkward scenarios. EPIC gives you two awesome choices and asks you which one you’d want more! XOXO is all about love, relationships, and all the messy bits in between. GO DEEP is for the deep thinkers. Get ready to make some tough calls.

  • A fun, hilarious game for 3-6 players
  • Make tough choices between equally terrible/fabulous options
  • 500 questions in 5 categories to surprise and delight
  • CURSED, EPIC, XOXO, GO DEEP, and Visual Dilemmas
  • Perfect for game night, parties, or college dorms

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